If your vehicle has crashed unfortunately, and you in a situation where your vehicle needs to be towed away from that location to the Mechanic or a Smash Repair center, GV Towing is the more trusted & reliable towing service in Shepperton, Victoria.

We assist to transport your damaged vehicle to service station, storage lot, garage or depot of your choice.

Are You Searching for a Reliable, Fast and Efficient Car Towing Service?

Gv towing is a professional & trusted Vehicle towing service in Shepparton and surrounding areas over 15+ years.

We are experts in getting you and your vehicle off the road quickly which avoids the additional risk and guarantees a piece of mind. We prepare your vehicle for secure towing from the crash location to your preferred service station.

The Situations in Which You Require a vehicle Towing Service

There are many situations in which calling a towing service is better than fixing things by yourself.

Call GV Towing service if:

*Your Vehicle is creating a strange noise, its better to stop your vehicle a side of the road and to call a towing service who can take you safe to the nearest service station. If you still feel like driving the car, then it could put you in more trouble and you are seriously damaging the car to the worst. Towing service is the best option in a situation of this kind.

* Your Vehicle Have a Flat Tyre, yes you can always look for emergency road assistance, however, if you flat tyre has damaged your car on the road then it is better to look for a towing service who can drop you safe to the nearest service station.

*Your Vehicle does not start. The vehicle doesn’t want to start, even after doing everything you can do. The problem can be something very simple such as dead battery or you just need to jump start your vehicle but don’t have the tools required to do so .sometimes it can be a bigger issue to rectify ,which means you need to take it to a mechanic, Call a towing service.

*Your vehicle got into an accident. We hope you never get into an accident but accidents can happen to anyone. When you get into one, it is better to call an experienced towing company so that your vehicle can be taken to a service or smash repair centre and it will be a thing less to you to worry about.